Jessica grew up in Hamilton Canada near Toronto. Jessica’s mother died when Jessica was 16, leaving her to fend for herself in life, her father “wasn’t in the picture.” Jessica feels her experiences growing up made her a stronger person overall. As a High School Athlete she competed in Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Track and Swimming. She was twice voted her School’s Athlete of the Year. She says that her High School friends and opponents aren’t surprised that she took up Boxing, as she was “always aggressive”


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The Beginning

She began Boxing at age 20 and competed for two years as an Amateur at the Local and Provincial level in Canada. Jessica found that Boxing filled a void in her life and left her filling fulfilled! At the 1998 Ontario Championships in St. Catherines, Jessica won her first two fights with a second-round knockout, she then went on to take the Provincial Bantamweight Title with a unanimous decision over a more experienced opponent.

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Rakoczy was considered for the Canadian National Boxing Team, but a multi-car accident that injured her neck, shoulder, back and knee prevented her from competing. A planned second run at making the Canadian National Team ended when she broke her wrist on a Sparring partner’s head. Jessica then decided to come to America and make her pro debut. On October 21, 2000 in Philadelphia, Mississippi, she had a first round knockout against Pamela Sepulvado.

Going for her dreams

On December 3, 2000 Jessica then fought Josephine Bracamontes in Miami, Florida. This bout was stopped when Bracamontes was unable to defend against a series of rights to her head.

On January 21, 2001 at Sunset Station in San Antonio, Texas, Jessica won a four-round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten local fighter Mary Wells. The last two rounds were shown on Fox Sports, who appear to have taken special not of Jessica as a prospect. Women’s Boxing Page correspondent Kevin Cockle wrote that in this fight “Rakoczy looks like a decent, rudimentary prospect with good, if deliberate movement, and accurate hands. She should be given credit for executing a fight plan and actually causing Wells to lose; she read Wells accurately, and utilized appropriate measures to beat her. Rakoczy used no combination punching to speak of, no body punching, but Jessica’s jab could be special…she steps in and spears it with tremendous commitment and with her lanky locomotion and long reach, it seems the logical punch to build on. She has a straight right as well… as long as she’s able to control pace and score up the middle, she’ll be effective.”

Rakoczy started training out of Las Vegas. Jessica has continued her winning streak and is now 19-1. Her one loss was against Jennifer Alcorn and was a wildly discrepant split decision. Jessica would love a rematch, but Jennifer has retired from the sport.

Jessica lives her life as a true athlete, she trains hard every day, watches her diet and mentally prepares herself each and every time she steps into the ring.
Jessica has had to overcome several obstacles in her life. Not only outside the ring, but inside as well. During one of her latest fights Jessica felt a pop in her right ankle. She continued to fight and won the match. After the match she sought medical advice in Canada and was told she had to have surgery on her ankle and would never be able to fight again. Jessica returned to the US and went to a specialist and had the surgery. Jessica has had three fights since the surgery and has won every one of them. This injury was not a setback, but an opportunity for her to become a better fighter and learn more skills.

This is a sport that Jessica loves and she appreciates everyone’s support and encouragement.

Jessica feels you should always go for your dreams…